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Smithsonian Magazine, January 10, 2020
Ten New Bird Species Found in Indonesia

Washington Post, November 11, 2019
Birds Fall In Love - They Have the Moves to Prove It

The Guardian, October 31, 2019
Love, Albatross Style

BBC October 25, 2019
Migrating Russian eagles run up huge data roaming charges

SciTech Daily October 14, 2019
GPS Tracking Reveals Rare ‘Itinerant Breeding’ Behavior in Phainopeplas

Bay Nature Magazine Fall 2019 Issue
Acorn Woodpeckers in Five Acts

Cornell Lab of Ornithology 9/19/2019
A new study finds steep, long-term losses across virtually all groups of birds in the US and Canada

Science Daily 9/11/2019
Why do birds migrate at night?

Smithsonian 9/9/2019
How to tell a bird's age by its song

Science Daily 9/6/2019

Bird-deterring nets provide haven for venomous caterpillars.

The Atlantic 9/6/2019
Learning how bar-headed geese cross the Himalayas

New York Times 8/23/2019
In Defense of Gulls 8/19/2019

Bird Migration and Sleep